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I’m Not Perfect…


I’m by no means perfect. I’m not the perfect: friend, son, brother, father or husband.  I’m human and not supposed to be perfect!

I have my faults and I do know most of them.  I’m trying to work on them; but to throw the past in the mix when trying to change is a slap in the face.  when one works on self you may have your doubts but please be supportive.  Nothing like having support when you battle your faults!

I’m Not Perfect…and That’s Who I Am


One of my favorite things to share with my followers is a still from …an that’s who I am, with my explanation of why it fits me. So without further adieu today still is:

bowties Call me old fashioned but I prefer the bowetie over the necktie.  Something about them that it is neat and fascinating.

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A Tale Worth Telling


Warning to all my dear followers This Blog Will Contain Triggers!

I’m A Survivor

Edward L. Tatro, Jr.

Where to begin with this sad tale…Any tale worth telling starts at the beginning.  I grew up in a mostly Italian and Polish neighborhood, where almost all the neighbors where in one branch of law enforcement or another, except for one.  This house belonged to a member of our City Council.

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