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Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité.


Nous arrêter et réfléchir ce matin sur les événements terribles et tragiques qui ont eu lieu hier soir à Paris. Je prie pour que les citoyens de Paris trouvent du réconfort et la paix dans leur chagrin. Nous devons nous tenir en solidarité avec le peuple de Paris et de la nation de la France.

Maintenant peut-être la classe dirigeante va voir pourquoi les croisades originaux arrivé. La guerre est à la porte et il est temps pour les soldats de la Croix de balayer la peste du mal à partir de la face de la terre! Temps d’offrir nos prières à la Dame de Lourdes et de demander de l’aide de ceux qui vont défendre la Foi! Viva Paris!


Keeping and Honoring Christmas


Since we have started our Advent Journey in preparation to honor the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior on Christmas Day, I’d like to share a few thoughts that I have.

First I’d like to share a little story I read many years ago to put things into perspective.  “The Blessed Mother awoke from a dream and was weeping.  Her spouse Joseph, asked her what was wrong.  She told him ‘I dreamt that on the day of Jesus’ birth instead of giving gifts to God and honoring my Son on this special day; people went out and spent all they had to give presents to other each other.  Why would people do this when this day is a miracle from God and not honor our Savior with gifts for His day?’ Mary continued to weep and Joseph consoled her the best he could. What gifts have you given to Christ this Christmas?”

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My Thoughts on Ferguson


When will people realize that there is only one race and that is the Human Race?  Grant it the actions of some cannot be classified as human! 

The Grand Jury made a difficult decision with pressure from social media and various other biases. There is no excuse for the behavior being displayed after this verdict across the nation!

Now let the healing begin and stop the violence and destruction as it only begets more violence and destruction! Pray for our nation! To know peace is to live peacefully and know God!