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Christmas 2014


Happy Christmas from my perch to yours!  Hope you didn’t indulge to much! 😉


I had to work today in the midst of a fibro flair that came out of no where.  I’ve been in bed since I got home at 5PM.

I did get a call from my bride tonight that perked me up.  She’s away visiting relatives out of state and will be returning back to the perch after she gets done at work on Saturday.

I do have to work in the morning but wanted to let you all know I’ve thought about everyone today and pray that you had a wonderful day with your loved ones and family (that is after all the second gift of Christmas, the first being our Savior).


Keeping and Honoring Christmas


Since we have started our Advent Journey in preparation to honor the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior on Christmas Day, I’d like to share a few thoughts that I have.

First I’d like to share a little story I read many years ago to put things into perspective.  “The Blessed Mother awoke from a dream and was weeping.  Her spouse Joseph, asked her what was wrong.  She told him ‘I dreamt that on the day of Jesus’ birth instead of giving gifts to God and honoring my Son on this special day; people went out and spent all they had to give presents to other each other.  Why would people do this when this day is a miracle from God and not honor our Savior with gifts for His day?’ Mary continued to weep and Joseph consoled her the best he could. What gifts have you given to Christ this Christmas?”

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