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Funny Memory


Day 14: A Funny Memory from Childhood.

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Well this always gets me to chuckle when I start thinking about it.  As a small boy, I had some problems with my speach.  I pronounced my Ts like Fs and could not pronounce my Rs.  Well you can imagine my mother’s embarrassment when we would go to parades and I would get excited at the Fire Trucks and say: “Look Mom a fire f-uck!”  My poor mother would just die of embarrassment and have to explain to people what I was actually saying!

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25 Songs in 25 Days

I tried doing this challenge in my previous blog and nearly finished it…well with all things new.  I figured it was time to dust it off and start fresh.  It is time to start the 25 Songs in 25 Days Challenge!


Day 1: A Song From Your Childhood
I was six years old when this song hit number one on the charts and I had the vinyl single and went through a few needles playing it out.  Here is Starship with We Built This City

Now go check out these people that don’t irritate me and I hope will do this Challenge with me!

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