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Modern Medicine

Tuesday 9 September 2014 was a day like no other day.  I had two medical procedures done. One complicated the other not so complicated.

At 0745 Tuesday morning I reported to Mayo Hospital for my Chemical Stress Test with Echocardiogram.  What should have been a twenty minute test turned into a six hour hospital stay.  My heart rate got to the target rate, however, my blood pressure was also elevated very high, nearly to stroke zone (280/110).  I was put in Cardiac Observation until my blood pressure return to normal.  Dr. Harper is a little concerned about the results of the test which we’ll go over at my next visit.  

At 19:00 I checked in to the Sleep Center at St. Joseph Hospital for my sleep study.  I was the last patient to be wired up and I was in bed by 23:00.  I will no the results in approximately three weeks.

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