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Wanted…No Required


Day 9 of Blogging201 introduces the blogger to extend the hand of cyberspace to the others who have been through Blogging201 to be guest bloggers.  With that being said I warmly invite those from this current class to come by the Perch and share some parchment with us.

Don’t think that my other readers are not invited, this invitation goes out to all who enjoy coming to the Perch for a bit of this or that!

That Social Network Thing


Today’s adventure from Blogging201 is about social networking for your blog.

I have been using social networking for The Perch for awhile now.  I use Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  It has helped my views on my blog for which I am grateful.

I do have a LinkIn profile however I only post certain articles there.

The Tweaking…

The tweaking continues.  I’ve added to the sidebar the Top Posts Widget.

Now my dear readers I ask you what would you like as a regular feature here.

We already have Wisdom From The Fortune Cookie as well as, That’s Who I Am.

What would you like more of…or less of? Come sit on the Perch with me and sip some tea and let me know what your thoughts are!

Make Over

I’ve done a little tweaking to the site. I’ve added two wonderful logos that a great graphic artist made for me to the header. Changed the font and colors a bit for a fresh start. Got rid of my calendar (it made it look tacky).

So my dear readers if you have a suggestion on how The Perch should look please feel free to drop me a line! 🙂

Blogging201 Adventure Begins

I’ve decided to enroll in Blogging201 and I got my very first homework assignment!


I have to come up with three concrete goals.  I did it via an outline.

I. Why Do I Blog?

    • Blogging is therapeutic for me. It helps me bring to light the demons I battle.
    • To bring awareness to Invisible Illnesses. Many people think that just because a person looks well that they are not.
    • Advocacy for Chronic Pain/Fibro/Mental Health. I have both Chronic Pain and Fibro and I work in Mental Health so I blog to advocate on these issues.
    • My faith and my journey along that faith.
    • To bring forth my creative writing.
    • Just to jot down some observations
    • Politics from time to time.
    • My views on my patriotism

II. What would my blog look like?

    •  A great theme that looks fantastic. My current theme just doesn’t work for me anymore.
    • Daily posting. I want to be able to post at least daily instead of the sporadic posting that I do now.
    • There will be a 5-10% increase in traffic with an increase of dialogue with my readers.
    • An additional feature that will be weekly. What do you my readers suggest?
    • A bi-weekly guest blogger.

Concrete goals.

Post Daily.

Get a great theme.

New Feature.