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Day 12

Day 12: The Last Song You Heard


The last song I heard on the radio was from Lady Antebellum. Great little group that I rate up in my favorite, little more rock than country and that’s okay. The song well you’re just going to have to watch the video aren’t ya! 😉

Day 11

Day 11 On The Soundtrack of My Favorite Movie

I’m noticing a trend here… to get more difficult as we go along or drive Ed crazy!

West Side Story is one of my favorite Plays and Movies. I’d have to say this little number is one of my favorite pieces from the entire play/movie even though the entire score is terrific.

Day 9

Since I missed a few days of posting I’m playing catch up today.

Day 9: A song that makes you hopeful. 
I guess this may be cliche but this song has always made me hopeful.  Mr. Armstrong sang the Blues so well, but every now and then he had a jewel that even he had to stop.  Take it away Louis!

Day 4 of 25

Day 4 of 25:  A Song That Calms You

For me we would have to go back to a time when the orchestra was the main stay of music.  One of my favorite pieces of music is Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.  The added bonus is when I get to play this in the band it’s just that much more fun! 😀

Day 3 of 25

Day 3: A Song that reminds you of your parents.  



On the rare occasions that my mother would let her hair down and actually showed her human side rather than her tyrant side…she would belt out in song.  My mother is a wonderful singer, a high soprano and does a great job of it.  Every year in the talent show she does this number a cappella: