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I’ve been a Notary Public off and on for 15 years now.  What is a Notary Public you ask, well according to the Secretary of State of Maine it is: Notary  Public is an ancient office dating back before the Roman Empire. American pioneer history is replete with examples of notarial assistance. Among them: the processing of land or mining claims, the authentication of public or private documents, and the reading and writing of general correspondence. Since that time, the official duties and significance of American Notaries Public have expanded considerably, largely through statutes enacted by the states. More than simply a scrivener, the Notary Public of today acts as a liaison between the government and its citizens; facilitating the authorization of numerous important transactions.

Today in Maine, the need for notarial services is cited throughout Maine law. Notaries Public have duties and responsibilities that confer upon them the trust and faith of the public. Notaries Public are authorized to perform certain official duties that are critical to those who need them. The primary duty is to formally witness transactions involving paper documents.

Maine Notaries like those in Florida and South Carolina, can officiate at wedding ceremonies. Once commissioned as a Notary Public, it is the responsibility of the Notary Public to maintain a level of education appropriate for conducting notarial duties. The Secretary of State encourages Notaries to attend workshops on a yearly basis to remain current and avoid conducting inappropriate or flawed notarizations.


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Dear Pope Francis

The Catholic Husband

Pope Francis

I am writing this seeking understanding and clarification on the “new evangelization.” Many things are being attributed to Pope Francis in the media – and many clergy, bishops, and faithful are acting on them. The most concerning of these outcomes has been the vilification of traditional Catholics in the media and by other Catholics, and the foreshadowing of theelimination of sacramental marriage by either allowing divorce and remarriage or changing the basis of annulments so that they become the equivalent of a Catholic Divorce.

As a traditional catholic, I would like to assure you that our faith is not dead, we are not uncompassionate or unforgiving. Though our loyal devotion to the catechism leaves us open to ridicule when we refuse artificial birth control and have large families in our openness to life. We are thought mentally simple when we profess a deep and abiding belief in the real presence…

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One of my favorite things to share with my followers is a still from …an that’s who I am, with my explanation of why it fits me. So without further adieu today still is:

bowties Call me old fashioned but I prefer the bowetie over the necktie.  Something about them that it is neat and fascinating.

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Modern Medicine

Tuesday 9 September 2014 was a day like no other day.  I had two medical procedures done. One complicated the other not so complicated.

At 0745 Tuesday morning I reported to Mayo Hospital for my Chemical Stress Test with Echocardiogram.  What should have been a twenty minute test turned into a six hour hospital stay.  My heart rate got to the target rate, however, my blood pressure was also elevated very high, nearly to stroke zone (280/110).  I was put in Cardiac Observation until my blood pressure return to normal.  Dr. Harper is a little concerned about the results of the test which we’ll go over at my next visit.  

At 19:00 I checked in to the Sleep Center at St. Joseph Hospital for my sleep study.  I was the last patient to be wired up and I was in bed by 23:00.  I will no the results in approximately three weeks.

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A Tale Worth Telling


Warning to all my dear followers This Blog Will Contain Triggers!

I’m A Survivor

Edward L. Tatro, Jr.

Where to begin with this sad tale…Any tale worth telling starts at the beginning.  I grew up in a mostly Italian and Polish neighborhood, where almost all the neighbors where in one branch of law enforcement or another, except for one.  This house belonged to a member of our City Council.

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