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All those with Chronic Pain and those that advocate  take heed.  Walgreens the pharmacy that treats us with Chronic Pain Disorders like subhuman garbage has begun the process  of buying Rite Aid Pharmacy. From NBC Buisness News: “Pharmacy giant Walgreens Boots Alliance has reached a deal to buy rival Rite Aid, creating a merger of two of the nation’s largest drugstore chains. The deal announced Tuesday involved Walgreens buying Rite Aid for $9 a share, or $9.4 billion. The total size of the deal is $17.2 billion including acquired net debt, Walgreens said.”

Reach out to regulators and stop this merger! I’m officially leaving Rite Aid now, until this matter is settled.

Just Say No! Stand up for Chronic Pain Sufferers and Boycott both Pharmacies!


Reality TV?

As most of you may know I work in the Mental Health & Human Services field, and I say this as a prelude to what this post is about.  One of my favorite television programs is Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck.  Last nights episode entitled “With Friends Like These,” while the main story was about a former mobster, the side story has to deal with mental health, those affected by it, and how the front lines of our cities deal with it.  Please watch the episode and see what I experience everyday.  Learn about mental health and work on stopping the stigma!

Frank (Tom Selleck) Image Source:
Frank (Tom Selleck) Image Source:

But You…


As many of you know I have an autoimmune disease called Fibromyalgia.  I get up each day no matter my pain level and go to work.  It is not easy but I get through each day.


Just because I have this awful disease doesn’t mean words do not hurt me any less.  I will continue to be the best advocate for CPS/Fibro/Mental Health I can be, there is nothing anyone can do to stop me. 


Time for “normal” people to stop pointing fingers and finding fault and get educated on what we deal with.


For my fellow Pain Warriors keep up the fight, you Are NOT alone!  Spread some education around and if they don’t want to be educated then they can kiss our asses!

Pain…The Story of Ed

Pain Changes

Everyone feels pain on some level, whether it be emotional or physical, however those that are “normal” the pain passes.  Those of us who live with Chronic Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia deal with it at very high levels and on a daily basis.  Pain does change a person, and today my dear Readers I’m going to tell you how it has changed me. Continue reading Pain…The Story of Ed

Modern Medicine

Tuesday 9 September 2014 was a day like no other day.  I had two medical procedures done. One complicated the other not so complicated.

At 0745 Tuesday morning I reported to Mayo Hospital for my Chemical Stress Test with Echocardiogram.  What should have been a twenty minute test turned into a six hour hospital stay.  My heart rate got to the target rate, however, my blood pressure was also elevated very high, nearly to stroke zone (280/110).  I was put in Cardiac Observation until my blood pressure return to normal.  Dr. Harper is a little concerned about the results of the test which we’ll go over at my next visit.  

At 19:00 I checked in to the Sleep Center at St. Joseph Hospital for my sleep study.  I was the last patient to be wired up and I was in bed by 23:00.  I will no the results in approximately three weeks.

Continue reading Modern Medicine