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I know I try not to write much on politics but when I do it is from a well thought out and heavily weighed point of view. I’m neither a democrat nor a Republican but an AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE not welcome in any of the parties.

This was once a great and mighty Republic; the world at large shook when we spoke, and now I feel that we are the laughing stock of the world. It is time to stop playing politics and get back to the true business of the people which to quote Edward Rutledge (from the Movie 1776): “United for our mutual protection, but…separate for our individual pursuits.” We are the governed because we grant permission to be governed. Speak up America Speak Up!

My Thoughts on Ferguson


When will people realize that there is only one race and that is the Human Race?  Grant it the actions of some cannot be classified as human! 

The Grand Jury made a difficult decision with pressure from social media and various other biases. There is no excuse for the behavior being displayed after this verdict across the nation!

Now let the healing begin and stop the violence and destruction as it only begets more violence and destruction! Pray for our nation! To know peace is to live peacefully and know God!



I just happened to come across Mr. Ray Steven’s latest video.  Now I don’t normally blog politics on the President…but this particular song hits the nail on its head!  Ray’s analogy fits perfect as to what is happening in this country.  We need to put aside all “political” agendas and do what is right for this country.  We need to be united again and not a fractured and burning land where we are allowing the likes of Isil/Isis to beat at the very foundation of our Republic.  Watch the video with an open mind and see all the correlations.  We need the America of WWI and WWII back, people then would not have tolerated this for a millisecond!